Privest, S.A de C.V. Asesor en Inversiones Independiente is a Mexican investment advisory firm, founded in 1996. It is registered in the Registro Público de Asesores en Inversiones of the Comisión Nacional Bancaria y de Valores (CNBV) under Folio CNBV 30023-001- (5326) -18/12/2015 and is an AMAII member.

We engage in understanding our clients’ personal plans to define and develop financial strategies that are consistent with their long-term goals and needs. The planning and design of tailored individual strategies for each of our clients is a fundamental phase in the success of our services.



At Privest we offer discretionary portfolio management services and establish strong relationships with our clients to understand their objectives, risk tolerance, capital structure and real needs to meet their financial goals. We are a company with a prestige, recognition and experience that allows us to have a solid management model through which we deliver added value for our clients.

Our clients enjoy tailor-made solutions and have the peace of mind that we walk along with them with total transparency and confidentiality in the management of their patrimony.

Our clients’ investments are guarded by institutions of recognized prestige and solidity, through intermediation contracts that are documented exclusively to the name of the holder.

We take a holistic approach to developing comprehensive investment strategies in accordance to the needs and objectives of each of our clients. In addition, we proactively maintain constant contact with them to ensure the excellency of our services.

We maintain permanent control of the state of each of our client’s investments through customized financial reports, presenting the information in a simple and comprehensive manner.

We keep complete confidentiality about the identity of our clients, their resources and the transactions we execute on their behalf, ensuring maximum privacy at all times.

Along with each of our clients, we develop comprehensive investment strategies in accordance to their individual financial needs and objectives.

Independent Investment Advisors are private professionals who DO NOT depend on a financial institution to provide their clients with portfolio management or financial advisory services. By not belonging to any other institution, be it a bank, brokerage firm, mutual fund company or insurer, the Independent Investment Advisor is free to act with complete independence without incurring in any conflict of interest. Investment advisors in Mexico are registered and authorized by the Comision Nacional Bancaria y de Valores (CNBV).

Being an independent figure recognized by Mexican Law, an Independent Advisor can help investors generate more attractive returns by having the flexibility to operate with the financial institutions chosen by the client. This allows us to suggest those institutions and products that offer the greatest advantages without incurring any conflict of interest.
The Independent Advisor helps you to determine your individual investor profile, as well as designing and executing a tailor-made investment plan based on your financial objectives, needs and risk tolerance. This goes hand in hand with continuous feedback and strict risk management and control to protect your assets and ensure conditions that promote better performance.

Privest has a team of asset management experts who continuously monitor our clients’ investments, constantly analyzing their results under a comprehensive risk management framework. To achieve this, we rely on a prudent discipline in managing our clients’ investments to make them more flexible to the increasingly dynamic scenarios presented in the financial markets.


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