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Independent Investment Advisors are private professionals who DO NOT depend on a financial institution to provide their clients with portfolio management or financial advisory services. By not belonging to any other institution, be it a bank, brokerage firm, mutual fund company or insurer, the Independent Investment Advisor is free to act with complete independence without incurring in any conflict of interest. Independent Investment ADVISORS in Mexico are registered and authorized by the Comision Nacional Bancaria y de Valores (CNBV).

In this case, a conflict of interest is a situation in which the judgment of a financial institution with respect to its primary interest and the integrity of its actions with respect to the investments of its clients is unduly influenced by a secondary interest, generally of an economic or personal type.

An example would be a financial institution that holds the portfolio of its clients and recommends certain instruments (usually their own) to benefit, although these are not necessarily the most suitable for the investor (either by their nature or because they entail hidden costs, higher commissions , etc.).

Markets have become increasingly dynamic and uncertainty about the direction they will take has become part of the current landscape. This requires that the decision-making must be in the hands of an independent and specialized professional who has the knowledge, experience and resources to manage their your assets in the most efficient way.

At Privest we seek to offer tailor-made solutions for each of our clients through an investment philosophy based on rigorous methods of analysis and decision making that allow us to act prudently while investing. Likewise, we bring added value by having an international network of leading suppliers in the sector and a technological platform that allows us to act with speed and flexibility.

  • Your investments will be planned and executed in accordance to your investor profile, balancing your tolerance for risk, your investment horizon and your personal goals and needs. This fosters an environment in which your investments are aligned with your objectives.
  • Additionally, by having complete flexibility and independence from other financial institutions, our clients have the possibility of practically operating with any institution, market or instrument, without having to be limited to the options offered by the institution that safeguards their resources.
  • Our incentives are fully aligned with those of our clients to help them achieve their goals and maximize the return on their investments.
  • Privest seeks to add value to your patrimony. To achieve this, we apply an investment philosophy in which we constantly seek solutions to adapt to the changing conditions of the markets. Our aim is to offer our clients customized solutions that are adaptable and flexible to their needs.
  • First of all, we take into consideration the individual conditions of each of our clients, their personal characteristics, objectives, the structure of their assets, experience, risk tolerance and investment horizon.
  • Subsequently, we adhere to an investment strategy that considers external factors, including a thorough analysis of the economic and political environment, market trends, sectorial conditions, companies and individual instruments. This is complemented by a detailed technical analysis in which we observe price trends, volume and indicators that allow us to find the most appropriate time to enter or exit the market.
  • Our decisions are agreed through Committees, which make a constant evaluation of the changes in the market conditions and the risks inherent to each investment. This is a continuous and ongoing process.

Privest’s services are oriented to high- and ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) individuals, corporate entities and institutional investors who seek the highest standards of professionalism, experience and personalized attention in the management of their investments.

Yes. The Independent Investment Advisor figure has taken on great importance in recent years because of the numerous advantages it offers and the fact that it does not incur conflicts of interest for investors. This has led many global investors to manage their assets under this figure (known globally as Investment Advisors). In Mexico, this figure is increasingly important and is directly supervised by Comision Nacional Bancaria y de Valores (CNBV). All advisors must have a registration with the CNBV and are governed by the regulatory framework established by the Securities Market Law (Ley del Mercado de Valores). To see more:

Yes. Most of the banks and financial institutions we work with have specific areas to serve investors who hire the services of an Independent Investment Advisor.

When hiring an Independent Investment Advisor to handle your investments, you must notify your bank or brokerage firm. You can keep your existing account to manage your investments or create an additional account if you prefer.

Being completely independent, Privest receives no retribution from the financial institutions where the resources are deposited. This allows us to act with total freedom to buy and sell the most appropriate investment instruments for the individual conditions of each of our clients. In the same way, we make sure to minimize brokerage costs, transferring this benefit to the final performance of your portfolios. As a client, you will have complete freedom to decide the institution and market in which your resources will be guarded.

Absolutely not. On the contrary, by hiring an Independent Investment Advisor you will have access to personalized attention on your investments and to preferential brokerage costs and commissions that would not be accessible to an individual investor. Likewise, you will know in advance what you will be charged for managing your investments, so you will not be exposed to hidden costs. The fees charged by Privest are agreed upon in advance with the client and are calculated upon the total value of the managed assets. All this will be reflected in better returns for your investments.

Absolutely not. You are still a client of your bank or brokerage firm , with all the benefits and services it provides, including monthly statements. In addition, Privest will provide you with detailed reports with information regarding your investments, operations and movements.


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